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1. Inspect rotor for lateral run-out, parallelism and minimum thickness specification. Compare to manufacturers specifications. If rotor is not within specifications, replace it with a premium Wagner E-Shield® rotor.

2. Wash all rotors (including new) with soap and hot water and a scrub brush, to remove oils and fine particles to prevent noise and maximize braking.

3. To provide a long and quiet brake service life, we recommend:

  • Use a wire brush or sand/bead blasting to remove rust from caliper brackets/guides.
  • Replace attaching hardware.
  • Lubricate “Metal-to-Metal” contact points (brackets to guides/guides to pads) with Molybdenum Disulfide high temperature lube, commonly called “Moly Lube”.
  • Lubricate “Metal-to-Rubber” friction points (guide pins to boots) with high temperature silicone lube (Wagner # F132005) or approved Moly-lube.
  • Lubricate the pad to piston contact area of any pad that has an attached shim (Inboard Disc Pad).
  • DO NOT lubricate or apply any compounds on the backing plate of Wagner TQ® with Integrally Molded Insulator (IMI™)
  • Test drive vehicle and perform break-in (burnish) procedure on new brake pads:

- Make approximately 20 “Complete Stops” from 30-mph or 20 “Slow-Downs” from 50-mph to 20-mph with light to moderate pedal pressure, allow 30 seconds cool down between brake applications.

- Communicate with customers to continue this burnish process by avoiding aggressive braking for the next couple of days.

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