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Premium rotors for Premium brake pads

Premium Wagner® Brake rotors are engineered for maximum performance with an E-Shield® protective electro-coating applied to all non-braking surfaces. This black-colored coating prevents corrosion, makes removal for service fast and simple, and is visually attractive for open spoke wheels. A turned, smooth surface finish aids in the proper seating of the friction and requires less time for rotor “break-in".


quick to install - no oily residue


Wagner E-Shield premium rotors are enclosed within a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) bag which reduces rotor prep and installation time and also eliminates potential oil residue which may affect pad performance.

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Patented, unique vane designs are application-specific and provide greater cooling capabilities for more effective stopping power.  These specialized rib designs help control noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), resulting in smoother braking.  A precision-cut finish of the outer diameter of the rotor prevents improper balance issues that may result in vehicle control loss. Tight tolerance specifications reduce thickness variation and lateral run-out, ensure a balanced rotor, and reduce pedal pulsation, brake noise while extending pad life.

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